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The Last Fight In Me

March 4, 2012 11 comments

I’ve been through all of this
so many times in the past.
Things moving ahead of me,
breaking, drifting too fast.

I’ve been hurt and clueless about it.
Can’t get hold of me,
how hard I try.
But never before in this pain
I’ve felt
life just passing by.
I’ve struggled
and been beaten.
Thought I’d given it all.
When I ask myself- haven’t I?
I can’t hear a soul.

I can hide behind my destiny
or kneel before it.
Keep waiting for my bread and butter
as the clock slowly ticks.

But then,
I remind myself or her
and her word about love and hope.


I remember she told me
that I can never loose,
because she believed so.
And her faith would never
let it happen,
even the Gods know.

Maybe I am burnt to ashes
But I choose to rise again.
I will sweat
and I shall bleed,
till I know of no pain.

Someone, that I promised to her
one day I shall be.
Because I am not going down so soon,
still got the last fight left in me.


lived forever…

March 4, 2012 6 comments

Nothing I can hold onto,

everything just passess through me.

Without your gentle touch

I am not the man I wanna be.

Can’t see, shining or dark,

things in front of me.

I live to feel your breath,

closer to you, I am free.

I don’t wanna live forever

but I wanna live it with you.

I don’t know what my God looks like,

but I know he lives in you.

I know what forever means.

I lived it,

when I loved you

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