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Love Thy Blogger (not a blogging tutorial !!!)

April 30, 2012 21 comments

When we nibble through the endless mirage presented to us in the form of internet, we come across tons and tons of writings of well known, well read, well behaved, well established and well famous people.

Also, there are us – the newbie. We are the ones who have known writing as fun for long, but now feel that maybe it’s time to get serious. We have the infatuation, the drive and the fanaticism.

Starting your first blog is beautifully painful. Most of us won’t be continuing with the first one though! As long as we get hold of the blogging sense we start reinventing ourselves. We put more effort in planning the next one – themes, layout, content, widgets, publicity etc.

The first one is like first love – might end with a heart break!

The following ones are like love too – you are just a bit more careful!

Most of the people won’t realize, unless they start blogging themselves, how emotional your blog makes you feel. If you cherish your blog and take pride in what you write, you are bound to be charmed by it. The things a blogger writes are meant, firstly and fore mostly, for his own emotional understanding and support.

Still, the baseline is – you wish to get read.

As most of the human actions, blogging is also stimulated by the hunger of appreciation – nothing wrong with it. I mean there is certainly no fun in making a three course meal everyday only for you, right?

Here, I personally feel comes our duty as bloggers.

We have to realize that we are an ever growing community in our society of overworked souls. Like a family, we have to start taking care of each other as friends, elders or even as someone anonymous. Take some time to read a few honest bloggers. Take few seconds to appreciate the skill they share with you which makes both of you so special.

It is wonderful to strengthen and continue a bond with a fellow blogger who has the same love for thoughts and words as you cherish.   

Love would certainly come back.


How I Lost My Confidence…

April 9, 2012 12 comments

To start the things – this is not a heart breaker!

I have a loving family, got a decent job and I have my finances being taken care of to ensure a comfortable future. I am a happy man!

So, how come someone like me got into the bad waters?

Well, sometimes being simply comfortable is just not comfortable enough.

I have, like the most of us, the life of a common person. We aren’t revolutionaries. We get up, work hard, love the people around us and then take a break. There is least of complication and time seems to just float around. Leaving the odd ups and downs in life there is nothing extraordinarily extreme happening that could shake you apart.

Is it related to someone I wanted to become or something I wanted to do? Maybe, but not absolutely.

I did want to perfect the art of pencil sketching. I hoped that someday I would compose music as I felt that it was one of the purest things one could do. I wanted to have a bodybuilder’s physique with my biceps bulging more than my ego. I wanted to have a black belt in martial arts and attain the complex amalgamation of body, mind and skill (a.k.a Bruce Lee). I wanted to eat whatever I wish and still be lean and fit.

These may sound childish or even funny. But dreams never grow up and become old. They are always as bona fide as anything could be and are subconsciously the reflection of your inner self. One could never seize to dream as the dreams would never seize to be a part of you.

Dreams are expectations. When I wished to do or achieve something as “me”, I dared to expect something out of myself. I fulfilled certain ones and I am living the life I am because of those. But even as the life becomes stable, the expectations don’t simply die.  I was still expecting to achieve a few things. Not that those would have changed anything. These expectations would have refreshed, re-invented, re-energized or rehashed me as an individual.

The dilemma with me aroused where I started contradicting my expectations.

When the mind knows that it is in a contented state of existence, it builds a cocoon around itself. I did the same. I got into a state of insulation and started rejecting anything that was more of emotional than materialistic. Owing to my comfortable existence, I started snubbing my own inner self which had a pretty strong opinion about what more I was capable of achieving. My subconscious was giving me hints every now and then that there was a little bit more for me to explore. On the other hand, I was posing as already contained enough to consider it.

Slowly, the denial becomes a part of our personality. It starts affecting the natural you. The things which seemed just right on the correct spot, suddenly feel too alienating. You are in a slight state of shock that how come you are not in accordance with your daily life. There is nothing around you that is converted to a certain diminished entity just like that. In spite of this, you start having a feeling that maybe you were not doing anything which you actually wanted to do. But you can’t stop either.

Here, I started losing my confidence.  It all started with just a denial.


…and the journey begins

April 9, 2012 5 comments

When the lightning of time

strikes our heart ,

it rains so hard

that drops of pain

flow from our eyes .

Our mind dries away ,

leaving a person who has

sunk to the bottom in the sea

of this cruel world .

We gasp for hope ,

all tied and helpless .

And hope sinks away too .

But ,

slowly when the clouds of pain disappear

and the ray of light reaches us,

a new hope starts floating .

Our hands are no longer tied.

And we learn slowly

to push the pain and fear back ,

This is when we once again reach the surface …

… and the journey begins.

Is “Social Networking” being “Unsocial” to YOU ???

April 3, 2012 9 comments

How many of you think that the following points seem to be happening with you:

1.      You open your account after 2-3 days and the only messages you find are of invitation to games-my calendar-birthday reminders.

2.      In spite of having more than 200 names in your friend list, the only people responding to your posts are your wife, sister, brother, cousins and 3-4 odd friends.

3.      For the 20 “likes” you press in a day, you end up receiving about 10 odd in a month.

4.      Your friend’s photo of an empty beer bottle receives more comments than your picture in a hospital bed.

5.      You wish an average 1-2 friend “happy birthday” every day and receive not more than 25 on yours.

6.      Most of the friends, on whose status you religiously comment, hardly notice your status updates.

Welcome to the world of unsocial networking!!!

The social networking sites, apart from being gender biased, somehow present you with a hazy truth about how popular you have been as a person. It is not that people don’t care about you. It is like a forced introspection that how much people are interested about what’s cooking in your kitchen.

What you see on your wall, or what you don’t, is not what defines you. The responses you get do play a major role in updating your circle. But as far as dictating one’s social worth goes, the social networking sites may not be a reflective mirror.

What these sites have done is redefine socializing. But what they cannot redefine is the importance of the “contact phase”. They are free not because they are noble souls who want us to get in contact with the whole world (Google their revenues) but because it is the human tendency to be ecstatic about anything that does not cost other than your time.

So, does it mean that you are a lonely soul?

I try and put it this way.

You have been working hard throughout your life because you felt that the respect in your own eyes would matter more than a 1000 name friend list. While doing this, it is natural to get ahead, drift apart, lag behind or even get lost. The people who are able to stick around you are the ones who would define you as a person. Because it not the writing on the wall that matters when you judge yourself.

Don’t let the numbers define you. You can’t count your happiness, tears, memories and love!

…because they are much more than silly “likes” and “pokes”!!!!

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