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Serendipitous Rendezvous With Poetry

June 30, 2012 17 comments

The ink,

this untainted emotion of yours,

appeases as it flows within.

The pen,

this perplexed idiom of mine,

purifying undone sins.


The words,

anthology of the unsaid

in the muddled continuation. 

The rhyme,

a huddled companionship,

an emotional predation.


The manuscript,

disoriented chunks of life

scribbled on paper. 

The verse,

callousness uncomplicated

as love and desire taper.


The poet,

a lost voyager, unperturbed

with his craving for the end. 

The reader, (YOU)

the essence of the art, where

eternity and dreams blend.


Pretentious Spotlessness

June 29, 2012 17 comments

Please allow me to introduce myself.

I am a blogger who seeks the self within

in an ensemble of humble emotions,

in the realities and the pretentions, akin.

 I sing of the rain when the earth is dry

and bring the fragrance of the wet soil.

I talk of the efforts when close to quitting.

I summon the power wrapped in the golden toil.

Creating an aura in codicil to the truth

I present a world of charming verses.

Austerity in the reflection, yet soothingly I paint

with colors of hope as our heart converses.

In your polite presence I seek completion.

I shower gratitude to the divine soul in thee.

Sometimes it is about you, as ardently

I chase a dream to be the ME I want to be.

Abstemious Spirit of Mine

June 28, 2012 15 comments

This life, all life,

seditious courage for lust

emerges from the abyss.

A passion, perhaps not just


The cravings of past.

Unsure future in sight.

I seized you closer

with all my might.


I beam of you

in my hushed existence.

Holding onto your love

in a dying persistence.

With kisses on my soul; and

an abstemious spirit drawn.

You made me worth

of being a mortal man.

Loved You…Always Have…Always Would…Forever

June 27, 2012 13 comments

“Lonely nights…

whispering moon…

gazing stars…

haunting wind…

hurting thoughts…

waiting souls…

desperate love…

eternal life…

the same me…

in YOU…wishing…praying”

A Perfect Life…With You

June 23, 2012 25 comments

Nothing I can hold onto
everything just passess through me.
without your gentle touch
I am not the man I wanna be.
Can’t see  shining or dark
things in front of me.
I live to feel your breath,
closer to you, I am free.

I don’t wanna live forever
but I wanna live it with you.
I don’t know what my God looks like,
but I know he lives in you.


I know what forever means.

I lived it,
when I loved you.

The Little Zunaid

June 18, 2012 32 comments


12 year old Zunaid was wearing new clothes today.

In the crowded market place, which was also referred to as “The Heart” of the city, he felt as if time never stopped. Some years back when he had come with his Abbu (father) to meet a distant relative, his juvenile mind simply found it difficult to release itself from the awe of this vivacious fête. The trams and the cars seemed as if bulldozing against each other on a busy track which, so magically, went serene at nights. The skyscrapers were astonishing and the old buildings were humbled in time. He had seen toys which could speak, jump and fly. He had seen so many people who just seemed to be in hurry of reaching somewhere.

This time, it was all different.

As he slowly walked past the bustling cloth market, he looked at the new clothes he was wearing. His uncle had given him those. He remembered what his uncle had told him, “Wearing new clothes gives you an opportunity to introspect and clean your soul. Wearing a clean soul gives you an opportunity to be close to the almighty.”

His naive mind could hardly grasp the depth of those words but he knew that the almighty was the most powerful yet humble soul who writes our destinies and is even to all.

His mother used to tell him about how a life of hardship would test the heart of a man and bring out the gold in him. She was not a literate woman but she had the knowledge of religion, culture and traditions to the purest. She never criticized anyone or anything. She would tell Zunaid that anger is always the cause of a man’s peril and one must inculcate self control and must always appreciate even those who hurt him as it would help his perseverance to grow.

He loved his mother very much.

He had left her about three months ago.

Since then, he had not spoken to her even once. In his pursuit to become a man his mother would have been proud of, he had left his home to walk the path leading to ceaseless glory and redemption. He chose to purify his heart and let his conscience decide his destiny. The terms of his happiness had been modified from being short termed to eternal.

…and happiness for his mother was all he desired for.

Zunaid had reached the place where he was to start his journey. He had been reading verses, said to be spoken by the people touched by God himself, since three months. He had concentrated all of his confidence and will to prepare himself in standing out today. If successful, he knew that he would be initiating an association in the hearts of so many like him back at home, who remain in awe of things which everyone here, in this city, just can’t find time to admire.

The time had come. This was his time.

Zunaid closed his eyes.

He thought of the warm hug of his mother. He felt her gentle voice calling his name. He smiled.




News At The Hour :

An unidentified suicide bomber kills 47 in “The Heart” of the city. A nation mourns.

Zunaid’s mother never got to know what happened to his son.

But she was proud of him – forever.

Love To Be Proud Of

June 14, 2012 19 comments

The strength a “wife gives comes with a lot of courage, perseverance and love.

It requires more guts than anything else in this world to decide in your heart that come what may, I am going to stand next to my man!

We men do get bogged down a lot. Behind that male ego lies a continuous need for someone to pick us up and carry us through. These few lines are to thank my dearest wife “Suhani for being the better half of me – the only half worth being proud of !


Wandering in the darkness of the deepest alleys 

and yet to find someone who believes I exist. 

My faith is tied and my dreams all gagged up. 

I stretch my soul in ache. To die, I firmly resist.

There is a chill in my spine. I can barely pick myself up. 

Surrounded by emptiness and sounds of trembling breaths. 

I remind myself of the life you spoke of. 

I bleed of hope, still, as my consciousness shreds. 

I gather myself with the last speck of might. 

Let the bones break, but I must stand. 

You taught be to bear this pain and more. 

I must weave back every broken strand.

You are the courage that ignites me

and the comfort to sleep un-dead.

From my ashes, I’ll bring back the man you loved.

YOU conquer my every single dread.