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Before God Realizes He Failed

August 31, 2012 39 comments

Yes, we as a dominant race, are surely not moving towards perfection. What makes the things even worse is that so many existences rely upon the deeds we undertake.

Many people are working to make this world a better place to live. They just need more hands to work along with.

Also, I salute you beautiful bloggers who take time to spread the joy of sharing and creating a space to cherish this moment called life.




I don’t want this world of yours

Presumed comforts in lost paths.

Take this hate back from inside me.

Your justice smells of biased wraths.


How you tamper the soul of the truth.

That conspicuous numbness in fake smiles.

Deprived senses of honesty and significance.

Memories stuffed as junk in the files.


Walking over the meaning of just.

Coagulated existence of hearts infected.

The blood on your conscience is a debt.

You were the best, so long HE protected.


Raise me a new hope, if you can,

and some air that does not smell stale.

Time may just be running out, fast.

Soon before God realizes that he failed.





August 28, 2012 34 comments


She was one of the last five.

Three had already been on the stage. Only two got it right. She was the fourth.

As she walked towards the centre of the stage, she had her head low for the first time. She adjusted the mike as she looked towards the three judges sitting behind the large black desk. As all the judges smiled at her, she smiled back.


MANSUETUDE” she replied.

“Yes, said the judge in the middle. “MANSUETUDE meaning mildness”

“May I have the origin please”, she asked politely, still with a smile.

“1350 – 1400 middle English to Latin,” the judge replied.

MANSUETUDE”, she said again.

“Yes”, the judge replied.

She scribbled few transparent words on her soft palm.

She rubbed her palms. Looked up and said, “ M-A-N-S-U-E “ , then she paused a bit.

There was a dead silence in the auditorium.

T-U-D…”, she stopped again.

There was a silence of about 10 seconds.

She smiled and said,” I think that would be it.”

The judge repeated the word.

There was a big applause as the correct spelling was announced. Everybody in the auditorium was on their feet.

She had got it wrong by just one word.

She still had the smile as she kissed the cross on the end of her silver chain. One graceful lady had come forward to usher her from the stage.

The applause was still going on.

She was one of the last five.




She was the first 12 year old blind by birth to make it up to there.



Disgruntled Memoirs Of Flaunted Flaws

August 24, 2012 20 comments


Corruption is not corrupting our society.

The acceptance of corruption as an integral part of our day to day life is.

The following is an attempt in portraying the vicious circle of accepting corruption.

The beginning is the end you can’t deny. 



Disgruntled memoirs

Of flaunted flaws

In desperate deeds

With maligned thoughts

Inside fraudulent prayers

Corrupting humane core

Through worthless accolades

Citing selfish desires

Loaded with sins

Painted with blood

Of innocent conscience

Wounded fatally

Holding on shamelessly; and

Faking contentment with

Unaccounted biases in

Dealing with sincerity

Of  unprovoked honesty

Lost credibility of faith

Penetrates the building strands

Leaving behind some new

Disgruntled memoirs

Of flaunted flaws.



I Am That Someone

August 23, 2012 28 comments

Crime against women
 is the worst reality that our society does acknowledge as being cruel and inhumane…and then sleeps over it.

Fucking speak against it.

Stand for the ones who get hurt.

If you can’t stop it  – you or someone you love – might just end up being on the receiving end.


Prayers in my ordeal

still remain so unheard.

Unwanted and unprovoked

fellowship of hate.

Broken smiles – plasticized,

and made up happiness.

Recollecting the vows,

could they shape this fate?

–          Someone who witnesses domestic violence  




Chocked assumptions in abundance

consume all respect.

Terrified steps of fall

damage my being immaculate.

Avoiding greater harms

I settle down for the least.

Known as been taken.

Diminishing sanities fluctuate.

–          Someone who was molested.




A sack of emotional ache

beyond recognition.

Traumatized body waiting

to be lit and charred.

They took my meaning,

ripped apart from my soul.

Unfazed biases, from being whole,

I am barred.

–          Someone who was raped.   






August 21, 2012 37 comments

This post is my gratitude for the three most beautiful angels in my life – my daughters Noelle and Linysha and my wife Suhani.  🙂

In them – I have found true love – thrice !!

Hope you would be able to relate to the emotions for someone special to you.


She is the song,

orchestrated in the hymns of your heartbeat.

Musical memoirs of bliss in her eyes.

Sincerity of destiny below her feet.


She is the rain,

pebbles of dreams so virtuous and guiltless.

The pious kiss of Angels in grey above.

Brings veiled peace to the mind homeless.


She is the gift

Passionately draped in auspicious allure.

Gods would speak with celestial please

as perfect precious lives she would assure.


She is the might,

building firm bonds in faith defining prayers.

Her humble smile statures all and love.

Always by your side, beyond life she cares.




God Dies In My Diminishing Sense

August 20, 2012 14 comments


No photographs.

No details.

No tags.

Just me and my honest confession of being a soul with his own weaknesses, vulnerabilities and dilemmas.


Effortless denial

consolidate into worthlessness.

Ripping the core of innocent faith.

          Embraced prudence

          prey upon the rightness.

          Dreams serve as deceitful bait.


Requested demise

in synchronized numb wounds.

Promises still kept in the ashes.

          Vigorous palpitations

          in sleepless unconsciousness.

          Memories just revive the gashes.


Disgraceful confessions

build a hollow, exaggerated life.

Pleasing signatories of corrupt intelligence.

          Hostile judgments

          expel the wealth of rebirth.

          God dies in my diminishing sense.




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You Give God A Bad Name

August 18, 2012 21 comments

Brandishing the power of faith to ignite a pyre of ridiculous rights, you speak in anger as if you’ve understood everything. You’ve a dark, charred core and a conscience that has been malnourished of the vitamins of being in peace with self. The power handicaps your foresight and the pledge of supremacy corrupts the comfort of truth inside.

You give religion a bad name.


Your words of biased judgments scar the face of the society. Before the fabric of innocence gains its perfect shape, you print your insane sketches of race, caste and colour on it. You bar the freshness of creating equality from spreading into the hearts of the unknown to fuel your unjust hunger for more authority.

You give humanity a bad name. 


Scavenging upon the honest and the frightened, you create a castle of greed and unquenchable desire. People look up to you for the signs of change. But you grant them more dilemmas and greater misery. They work hard and hard only to realize that their whole life has been lived hoping and praying for a good governance and a sensible guidance.

You give knowledge a bad name. 


He created his own reflection in you. You were his most cherished work of art and the greatest masterpiece he ever created. But you chose to discard the piece of his own heart that he engraved inside you. The evil hunger of gaining control over creation only resulted in you losing control over the sustenance and destruction. You hate without any reason and love to love only the selfish deeds of prejudice.

You give God a bad name.