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September 30, 2012 23 comments


धूप की परछाइयों में सुलगता

एक  इंतज़ार  मुझसे  रु-ब-रु  है

शक्ल  मेरी  हर  ख्वाहिश  की

तेरे  चेहरे  सी  हु-ब-हु  है

दायरों के हर इल्म से बेख़बर

तेरी  हँसी की अंगडाईयाँ

पानी के पन्नों पर लिखतीं

ये मेरा राज़-ए-सुकूं है


मेरे   उन्स  की  शक्शियत  कुछ  इस  तरह

मेरे ज़हन  को  जिंदा  रखे  हुए  है

तेरी  बातों  की  चादर  के  साये  में

हर  इख्तिलाज़  को  रोके  हुए  है

बसेरों  की  दुनिया  से  कहीं  दूर

हम  दश्त-नवार्द  चल  दिए

तेरे  नूर  का  पाकीज़ा  एहसास

मेरी  इस्तिराहत  को  समेटे  हुए  है


The English translation of the above thought, for your perusal, is as follows :


Ablaze in the shadows of sunlight
a certain wait is known to me.
The face of my every desire,
just like yours, it seems to be.

There are no bounds known,
to the effortlessness of your smiles.
Drawn on the subtle watery pages,
is the secret of my peace, as I see.


The form of my love is such,
it keeps my will and faith alive.
Under the blanket of your words,
My restlessness seizes to survive.

Far away from this living world
we wanderers have a place of own.
This feel of the piousness of your aura,
saves my serenity from all the strive.



The Little Ladies

September 29, 2012 17 comments


Everyone wants their children to grow up in a certain manner, under favourable conditions ONLY and knowing life in the best possible way.

As most of you’d already know, I have two beautiful daughters ! I won’t brag about knowing everything about parenting though, because being a 30 year old father of two does have its own limitations. But what would be a life if you don’t have to learn anything, right ?

So, here is an uncomplicated post for my daughters about (one of) my idea of their “ideal” growing.




The twinkling stars in my closet

have been kept for you to play.

This heart cherishes every moment,

just bliss in everything you say.


Grow in this place of creation

seeing the wonders of being pure.

Know the truth, and where it lays.

In your heart, be always sure.

Times will test you as you’d grow

and tested would be your honesty.

Remember how to hold on, stronger.

Your might rests in your modesty.


One thing I must tell you

is how you truly complete your daddy.

Like your mom, you would surely know,

the unbounded strength in being a lady.



To Wash Your Sins Off My Blood

September 27, 2012 11 comments


The following post in inspired by the undermentioned shloka (verse) from the Hindu Epic Bhagavad Gita


परित्राणाय साधूनां विनाशाय च दुष्कृताम् ।

धर्मसंस्थापनार्थाय सम्भवामि युगे युगे 


“To deliver the pious and to annihilate the miscreants, as well as to reestablish the principles of religion, I Myself appear, millennium after millennium.”


Venomous preaching of distrust
aimed to corrupt every building block.
Spilling ridiculous facts of nonsense.
Ushering contagious moments of shock.


You pick up instances of unintended sins
and create heaps of systematic flaws.
Mutilating the innocence of fresh minds.
Choking the purity in your selfish claws.


Pulling mankind towards a dismal abyss,
your hunger scavenges upon the living wills.
Religions, faiths, castes and colour,
you exploit in your devilish drills.


But remember, you messengers of hate,
trust and love are not so easy to burn.
God is waiting in the shadows somewhere.
To bring back the life in hope, he will return.


Letter To A Blogger

September 27, 2012 32 comments


(I am currently in a situation where I can’t go through all the posts being written by my fellow bloggers. I know its my loss !! 

So, if you are reading this, please know what you mean to me even if I may not be dropping in your inbox too often.)


Dear Blogger,


You sit everyday with your heart on the table. Recollecting the grains of time to weave words of honesty. Cherishing perfect emotions, you create magical verses.


Living a life of showering hope, you share more than a life with everyone. Understanding the unknown, being in rhyme with the unspoken. Humble hugs of gratitude. Tender touch of adorable being.


In heartaches and heartbreaks, you write about the power of love. When denied what you deserved, acknowledge the painful efforts. As darkest dilemmas preach, you bring back the might in prayers.


A perfect art is nourished in your definition of self and us. This attire of pious ink of yours knows a place for souls to rest. Bringing back the blood in hearts, a messenger of life you are. This silken bond realizes its strength for the perfect thinker you are.


“Thank You” for letting me be someone I am proud of….I have sincerely followed you and everything you meant in those beautiful blog posts of yours…and would always do….till its God’s own wish.


Happy Blogging




Mylie Davis

September 26, 2012 19 comments


“We have no other option dear. She needs it to be done.”

Mr. Davis had come home early from his office. Alice, their twelve year old daughter was still at school. He and his wife Anita were sitting at the kitchen table. These were some uneasy moments.

“I am still not sure how is she going to take it. She is so small and innocent to experience such a thing so early in her life,” said Anita with an evident concern in her voice.

“It is upto us to decide. Things are not going to get better. It is too early for her to see the suffering too,” Mr. Davis had the same concern. “This would be difficult for her and we have to be there with the answers.”

 “I wish there was some another way. Why has been God so cruel to her,” Anita was crying now.

Mr. Davis took her hands in his. “She lived a good life. She would always be the glowing soul wherever she would go. She has been a family. She would always be.”

Mr. Davis went out with her. He insisted Anita stayed behind. The moment their car was out of sight round the corner – Anita broke down.

The sound of the school bus stopping in front of their house felt like missing a heartbeat today. Mr. Davis and Anita were uncomfortably sitting on the sofa. They greeted her with uneasy welcoming smiles.

“Where is Mylie ?” was the first and only thing Alice asked.

Mylie, the fifteen year old female Labrador of the Davis family was medically put to sleep today.




When You Leave My Dreams

September 25, 2012 19 comments



So many times

I’ve broken down

and did not let it show.

            You need to be there,

            holding me as one.

            You’re my only glow.


There is a heart inside

which stops to breathe

when you leave my dreams.

            Believe my wish

            and see in my eyes,

            lays a soul that gleams.


If I can’t live just once more,

would you be there when it all seizes.

Or I’ll just be here, waiting for you,

wishing this last breath of mine freezes.    



Love Knows Best

September 24, 2012 24 comments


When I would finally learn to play the guitar – this would be a love song for my dearest wife ! 


Holding on to a dream together,
Let’s walk to a stronger love.
You be my destiny and life.
Let heavens envy us from above.


Nights lit by the stars twinkling
and an embrace of truth so pure.
This moment belongs to forever.
Of this I am more than sure.


Know my love,
When you kiss my soul.
Know what you mean,
When you go away.
You can’t stop no more
from being my breath.
Know my words,
That’s all I’ve to say.


I found me in your desires.
I became the me I am.
Had been searching for a self.
Found a meaning in your charm.


Can’t go back to that nothing.
Darkest moments of denials.
I don’t want to live without you.
Just see me through my trials.


Know my dream,
when you lie besides me.
Know my desire,
only you set me free.
This life would be worth
if you’ll see me through.
I would love you always.
Forever this love would be.