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Those Days…

October 28, 2012 32 comments

Some days just don’t feel so perfect.

I decide to greet everyone with a smile.


Some days the words won’t just rhyme.

I decide to let the silence sing.


Some days the hunger won’t just be satisfied.

I decide to share my bread and wine.


Some days it would feel so lonely.

I decide to know myself a bit better.


Some days nobody would seem to care.

I decide to appreciate the love within.


Some days it would be difficult to hold on.

I decide to let a tear or two wash me pure.


Some days it would seem so unjust.

I decide to pray with a little more heart.


Your Blog Will Always Love You

October 9, 2012 26 comments


What makes the bloggers different from other artists ?

First of all, blogging takes a lot of courage – you’ve to be either dead honest to yourself or you’ve to fake it so flawlessly that you don’t feel guilty for it later !

Bloggers don’t seek to be celebrities. They are just in love with the art of expression. The skill of letting the readers feel the sense of the post. This sense may or may not be something which the blogger would’ve in mind. But this is the magic of blogging – there is always a perfect meaning !

Bloggers draw a path in front of them and just walk on it. There are no questions asked, no plans made or no ends thought of. It is just the knowing of your emotional quotient and the birth of it in ink.

If bloggers are preachers then they teach the peace in letting yourself express in whatever way one wishes and bring out the best every time.

If bloggers are warriors then they tell you how to master the craft of fighting the odds, dilemmas and glitches life throws at you and come back fighting stronger for more.

If bloggers are messengers then they bring the message of searching the hidden peace within yourself and let everyone share once you’ve found it.




You become very busy with your blog….and then you become too busy for your blog. This is an inevitable thing.

So, take care of your blog as best as you can….as long as you can.

It will always love you and wait for you to come back. 

Happy Blogging





Blogging Myself To God

October 7, 2012 9 comments


Classical Sufi scholars have defined Sufism as “a science whose objective is the reparation of the heart and turning it away from all else but God”.

Sounds a lot similar to “blogging” for me !!


मैं अपने दिल के शेआर से कुछ परेशान सा हूँ

न जाने क्यूँ अपना दिल खोल कर हँसता है

जहाँ सूफियों के उलूम की मालियत नहीं

उसी मब्दे कहीं मुस्कुराता हुआ बस्ता है


क्या मालुम इसे बहर – ओ – बार की फ़ितरत 

दुआओं में कुछ कम तक़द्दुस का एहसास है

इन साहिरों के फ़न में अब बंदगी है शामिल 

दुनियाँ की नज़रों में नफीसगी का इफ़्लास है


तेरे नज़्मों के नूर को तरसते हम

किस राह पर तेरे नाम से जुड़ पाएंगे 

ग़र किसी कुचे पर ख़ुदा मिले तो रोक लेना

वरना तेरे जूनून से ही मिल कर लौट जायेंगे  


 The compulsory English translation is below, for your perusal !



I’m a bit worried about my heart’s habit,

as it always laughs with all of it’s heart.

In a place with no respect for the preachers,

smiling, he resides for a humble start.


What does it know about this world’s deeds?

Any piousness in the faith is hardly felt.

Prayers seem to be the skill of an illusionist.

Purity in these worldly eyes is rarely spelt.


As I yearn for the aura of your hymns,

which path will connect me to your fame.

If you meet God, then don’t let him go

or let your madness be my meaningless name.



Speak Up To Stop It – Domestic Violence

October 5, 2012 15 comments

One thing that disturbs me most is domestic violence.

Women are the co-creators of our societies with God himself. Still, there is this devilish physical torture which is directed towards them in the darkest corners of our social life. Apart from the physical abuse it is the irreversible mental degradation that affects them the most.

If you haven’t heard of it then it doesn’t mean that it is not happening around you – somebody is just not telling her story.



इन्द्रधनुष  की  पंखुड़ियों से  सजे

लेकिन  कुछ  चुप  चाप  से  बैठे

किस  तरह  दुनिया  की  परवाह  से  छुपाऊं 

जो  फर्क  मरे  फक्र  में  नज़र  आता  है


अपने  मज़हब  को  छोड़  तेरा  ही  ज़िक्र  किया

बे – मंजिल  हर लम्हा  तेरे  संग  चलते  रहे

खुशिओं  के  आगोश  म  पलते  सपने

जाने क्यूँ  नींद  में ही  दफ़न  हो  गए


मेरे  मैं  का  हर  रूप  धुल  गया , मिट  गया

हर  चाह  में  हैं  तरसती  खामोशियाँ

जो  जला  दें  चोटों  से  सराबोर  यह  दिल  

उन  फ़रिश्तों  को  अब  तलाशें  कहाँ


The English translation is as follows :


Cherished in the petals of the rainbow

now they sit somewhere muted.

How should I hide my dismantled self ?

This worth of me now lies so dented.


Spoke of you more than I spoke my prayers.

Wandering besides you without an aim.

The dreams which were nourished by bliss.

Dying, in some dark grave now they lay.


Every sense of me is now washed up, erased.

Silence screaming in my desires to be.

Those who’ll burn my aching pieces,

where are the angels to set my free.

The Might A Woman Holds

October 5, 2012 4 comments


A girl or a woman is shunted so many times by this society citing ridiculous facts of biased precedence.

But still, the strongest thing God ever created would certainly be the heart of a woman. No matter how strong you try to sabotage her will – she would always come back stronger.

For all the ladies out there – you are the mightiest !

For my daughters – to become one of them!



Don’t define me in strayed words.

I’m always closer to the reality.

The sarcasm and the limits you put,

will play their part – to set me free.


You catalogue things in silly sleep

and tell me things I can’t do.

I’ve more guts than your hate.

My worth – I don’t have to prove.


There is an absoluteness drawn around me.

Would never beg for a life from the skies.

The might a woman holds in her faith,

gets stronger with every passing trice.


If you feel you run this world,

let me ask you one simple question.

When was the last time, without me,

you even came close to perfection.


A Poetic Expression In Pictures

October 3, 2012 46 comments

Most of you might have seen Pixar’s UP. I have a craze for animated movies. But also, this movie had the best 2 minute love story anyone could have ever told.

I’ve tried to put a little poem sort of thing with the pictures. Hope you’ll like it.









Souls Who Mattered

October 2, 2012 13 comments


When you would know of a life in a place beyond your words.

As you would see the happiness soaring high like beautiful birds.


It would be the right time to mark a love on your heart and inscribe a feel of wholeness.

It would be the perfect time to taste the eternal dew of bliss and feel it in your own preciousness.


This sense of being someone who has known to humbly care.

This feel of being someone as adore and worthiness share.


Blessed a life such is of a meaning beyond any kind.

Masterpieces of God in these souls. Finding yourself is the life’s true find.