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The Proposals

December 26, 2012 24 comments

“Tell me something, “ Varun asked Sneha with a teasing but honest look in his eyes, “ Had I proposed you for the fourth time, did I have a fresh and stronger chance?”

Sneha had seen this coming the whole evening and had a big smile before Varun could even finish his query. But she was comfortable as she had been the previous three times when Varun, a family friend of almost twenty years, proposed her in the last five years.

“You know that I’ve literally seen you grow in front of me and you know how much I do love you and care about you,” Sneha said. “ But this was not something which was meant to be.”

“If you had not been “five” years older than me and if you had not “seen” me wetting my diapers, is that what you mean?” He nudged a little bit more.

“Nahin yaar, obviously “these” were never the reasons strong enough for me to say no to one of the most eligible , good looking and successful bachelors of the city,” she nudged him in return.

“I get it – you know me, you care for me and on top of it, you love me. But you won’t marry me! Some decent luck I have.” He jokingly cursed. “So what was the reason not to?”

“I don’t know, perhaps if you shaved more frequently,” she knew he wasn’t unaware of the answer. “Clean shave is more gentlemen-ish for sure! Most of you guys think that that stubble seems to be like a walking tag line for your personality saying “I am cool” or something. We think it says “I am lazy” !” She was having all the fun now.

“What ?” He almost shouted to his disbelief and the whole airport could hear him. “You mean to say this subtle stubble of mine was the reason that forced you to say no to my three proposals! You could have told me the very first time only. I would have got some laser thing done”

“But you were just growing your mane and I thought you were enjoying flaunting it,” she calmly replied.

“I know I look cooler with my mane but for you, I would have shaved three times a day!” he said.

Both of them shared a nice and soothing laugh. They knew that there was nothing worth regretting or to be feeling sorry for between them. They had a relationship based on trust, honesty and being truthful in conscience and in heart. There was no guilt – just a pure sentiment of appreciating all those moments being together.

The last call for boarding the plane was made. She knew he was not coming back to the city again. He had got a decent job opportunity in the USA and he had told her that perhaps he won’t be coming back to the country for a long time.

She knew he won’t.

“Just in time before you vanished,” said Sanjay who had gone to check in Varun’s suitcase which he had forgotten in the car.

Varun and Sanjay shook hands and shared a brotherly hug. Sanjay wished him best of luck.

Varun looked at Sneha. He loved her so much and he knew that his eyes were giving it all away. She came forward and hugged him for the very first and perhaps the last time.

Varun left with a lighter heart and all the love.

“I think Varun genuinely loved you and he still does,” said Sanjay as they were driving back.

“I know. He has been the best friend I could ever ask for,” she said.

“So why breaking that guy’s heart three times,” Sanjay just wanted to know the answer he already knew.

“Because my dear husband, “ she said looking into his eyes. “ I have always loved you since I was ten and you were eleven.”

Love happens when and where it is meant to be….and it happens to stay forever.
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My Part Of Sunshine

December 21, 2012 15 comments


A drained mind
Engulfed with so dark
Besides me, a fabled hope limps

Once again, here I am
Trying to fly
With my broken butterfly wings

To lead my soul
With a broken spirit
The heart still says – all would be fine

Days come and go
With some light so bright
But where is my part of sunshine

So many, so soon
Broken pieces
As dreams give away their face

How far should I
Let this pain carry me
This heart aches with its pace

They say
Don’t lose faith
And I still hold mine closer

Shattered, it is
Known and dead
Hoping my God acts fairer


Paint Me A Love

December 19, 2012 24 comments

I have held that very breath inside me

Still fresh and nourishing my life

Moonlit beads of your effortless words

All the reasons to fight every strife

It was a beginning that I found

In the golden hallway of your prayer

Singing along with my every heartbeat

My worth’s worth was for you to take care

In your every smile, I define a new bliss

Wanting every moment to seize in your arms

Take me along as far as this life goes

And a life beyond life, lived in your charms

A Lady At Her Best

December 6, 2012 25 comments


As most of you would be knowing that I am a father of two beautiful, bubbling and graceful daughters !

My younger one celebrates her first birthday on 7th Dec 2012 !

Her name is “Linysha” which means “intelligent”.

…and because I am not going to be there when she cuts her first of many cakes, I thought what’s better than leaving few words for her to come back to when she grows up !


Happy Birthday Linysha…Daddy loves you !



I took a page out of the future

and some glittering ink of heart.

Wrote a prayer after a long time.

I know it’s never too late to start.


Souls get touched and blessed

when simplest smiles are garnered.

Within these wonderful companionships

seeds of true bliss are nurtured.


We found a meaning so profound

in your steps of glee and serenity.

A bond of care draped in trust.

A bond of trust draped in prosperity.


Carved and adorned things would be.

Life would begin and never rest.

Follow your heart and the power of faith.

Pray, respect and be a lady at her best.



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