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I Live With Your Shame

January 2, 2013 24 comments



So called protagonists of our times, you treat us as dummies with lifeless integrities and scarred sense of judgment.  Shamelessly and so openly, you use your instrument of manipulated conscience and malice to reward the unworthy amongst us and form a pathetic group of people who know just how to nourish the egocentric appetite and influence the downfall of honesty.

You give democracy a bad name.

Babri Masjid


Ages after ages, she has honorably played her part in building a better society and even played your part when you were too busy boasting about your minuscule and senseless domination of the same.  She is the foundation of your existence but gets her throat filled with burning charcoals of verdicts passed by these gutless cowards.

You give man a bad name.

Women Harassment


She has peeled her skin off to give you the shade of knowledge and the understanding of true and fair. Yet, so devilishly targeted are your assaults on her pious core and innocent soul. You devour her, brutally battering her inside the brightest adobes and raping her in front of a hypnotized civilization too busy gathering bits of thrown away glitters.  

You give everything a bad name.

Delhi Rape