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My Gutless Fellow Humans

March 12, 2013 10 comments

Here they are,

my gutless fellow humans.

So occupied.

So unconcerned.

Floating in un-confessed misery.


        At some corner I see

        a homeless old man dying.

        So what ? People die.

        But excuse me,

        this phone call is too important for me.


I curse the system

and the society

when women get raped.

but I never reported

those eve teasers down the road.


        Small children begging,

        a pathetic site I hate.

        Never out of concern, though.

        Their faces disgust me.

        Don’t tell anyone,

        my maid is just thirteen.


I turn the pages of newspaper,

same old stories

of women getting beaten up.

I am a man and my wife

must bloody well oblige me,


        Here they are,

        my gutless fellow humans.


…here in my prison

March 10, 2013 8 comments


With my soul in my arms

walking miles to taste some fire

I don’t kill someone’s dreams

I just pray and aspire









Can’t be no remorse, no way

Avid love made together

Allies don’t stab on the back

Foes and demons stay closer








No numbness in being dead

I labour day and night

No angels to guide me

No sins – I’m all just right








Here in my prison

Feels better than the heaven



Uncomplicated Stories – A Poem on Autism

March 5, 2013 10 comments


This post is an effort to speak the mind of “a special child with autism”.

…and a salute to all those hardworking parents and people working towards spreading awareness about this condition.




Staring at blank spaces in between

I draw stars that twinkle with the sun

Filtering your piteous and wounding gaze

I smile and patiently wait for my turn







Yes, I don’t understand your simple ways

For me it’s not about the answer to find

Uncomplicated stories of being pure

I’m different from you – that too you mind


Don’t feed me a shame or uncommon sense

My importance is for me to carry and know

I walk with desires that don’t hurt anyone

Understanding me – is a skill for you to show



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The Way I Love

March 3, 2013 18 comments


I would love you till the end

…an end with no beginning


Your voice hums and passes by my soul

awakening my heart with your heartbeats.

I sleep with a dream caressing my nights

and see in your eyes how the heaven greets.


All those songs I wrote for you to find,

when your moonlit face glows besides me.

Sing them for us, for no one else to hear.

In your prayers, one day, I shall be free.


Let me just hold you for another night,

and ask this life for its meaning.

Call it madness or just the way I love.

A lot of mad love you would be seeing


I would love you till the end

…an end with no beginning   




This Life…and beyond

March 1, 2013 8 comments


I am not afraid of my broken dreams

They don’t stop me from dreaming more


I am not afraid of ignored promises

There is always a way to make them work


I am not afraid of dark alleys on the way

They help me light a candle of hope


I am not afraid of fighting against my Gods

They would make me fall only to rise strongly


I am just afraid of a life without you

…a life…never without you