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Nameless Stories

With a heart,
purer than the most honest of my prayers,
you being there defines me being
        I try to memorize
        every moment spent caressed by your aura,
        protected from every surplus scheming

Elevated in every sense,
pristine, ecstatic, desirous, blissful and Godly,
that touch of immortality is beaded in our togetherness
        Take my Gods away,
        take them where they will be remembered and justly kept,
        open doors of heaven and a chance to own righteousness.

None would deserve more,
this sight of naive dreams smiling through the veils.
In the worth of your ashes rest all eventual glories. 
        Here I stand at the end
        and dare to look into the eyes of every sun ever shone.
        Time shall come back in time to tell our nameless stories.

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