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Under The Crescent Moon – Debut Fiction by Aditi Chandak

Dear All,

When I got first introduced to Aditi through this wonderful platform of WordPress Blog community, she was a schoolgirl balancing her academic compulsions and literary ambitions. It takes perseverance, focus and a lot of support to nurture both.

This day, when her debut fiction “Under The Crescent Moon” has hit the stands (and garnering terrific reviews), I can complement Aditi for very bravely and successfully achieving both! Congratulations!

“Under The Crescent Moon” is a story about lives getting together to find a meaning. The story of Maera, Vikrant and Nikhil takes you to a believable canvas with regular people experiencing genuine emotions and going through the fun/dilemma/responsibilities of real families. The story begins with the professional obligations our characters are going through and seamlessly flows through their desires, attractions and a very significant piece of the past. The balance maintained while portraying the essence of Maera-Vikrant’s and Maera-Nikhil’s relationships is noteworthy, very delicately treating them as individuals. There is this infectious maturity shown by the characters which you find amiss in real life nowadays. If I have to choose the high point of the work, it would certainly be the authenticity of emotions illustrated – for me it is the most difficult box to tick for any writer.

Please show your appreciation by ordering a copy forthwith ! 

Suhani and I once again congratulate Aditi and everyone associated with “Under The Crescent Moon” for a job well done….any many more to come !


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