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What Happened ? Life Happened !!!

May 24, 2013 13 comments


My Dear Blog


You know that I love you and you know that I know how neglected you must be feeling nowadays as I have not been visiting your adobe frequently like I used to.


You and I have a relationship where there are no compulsions on explaining things or standards to be followed. You have always given me whatever I longed for and in return, never asked for anything. This makes you more and more special everyday.


No, I have not found a new love. Life has happened. Daughters are growing and their sweet little talks keep me spellbound for most of the day. After a long time and hardwork, opportunity has finally come calling for my dear wife and I need to support her throughout this.


You are and will remain the reflection of my conscience and inner strength. Just remember – I am being with myself and would return as soon as I can.


Happy Blogging ! 





When Butterflies Dare – Strength of A Blogger

April 12, 2013 5 comments


Tamanna had always found solace and a purpose in writing. It was not a mere hobby anymore. More than the art of writing it was the want of writing which used to motivate and guide her urge and skill to weave a subtle, bright and meaningful ensemble of words and thoughts.

Her blog was much appreciated as well. Her strenuous efforts of presenting the smallest of emotions in the most sincere and realistic manner had her readers falling in love with her every post.




Today, Tamanna felt weird and disappointed like never before. She had put her heart and soul in writing her first book – a delicacy of selected short stories which had already been highly appreciated and reviewed by on her blog. But inspite of all this and six months of knocking at the doors of many publishing houses, there was hardly any chance she was getting published.

Everything she had done for the past five years felt meaningless. Undesired. Unappreciated. All her writings felt of no use.

At that very moment, she saw a small butterfly flying effortlessly against the wind. That fragile creature had so much might in her gutsy wings that she was able to challenge the strong breeze that flew head on.

Tamanna had a smile on her face. She realized that it won’t matter how strong a hit you get, but if you know where you belong to and what lays inside your soul, nothing is impossible, nothing is the end and nothing would ever be against you.




Life has its own way to keep you hooked onto its blog !




Your Blog Will Always Love You

October 9, 2012 26 comments


What makes the bloggers different from other artists ?

First of all, blogging takes a lot of courage – you’ve to be either dead honest to yourself or you’ve to fake it so flawlessly that you don’t feel guilty for it later !

Bloggers don’t seek to be celebrities. They are just in love with the art of expression. The skill of letting the readers feel the sense of the post. This sense may or may not be something which the blogger would’ve in mind. But this is the magic of blogging – there is always a perfect meaning !

Bloggers draw a path in front of them and just walk on it. There are no questions asked, no plans made or no ends thought of. It is just the knowing of your emotional quotient and the birth of it in ink.

If bloggers are preachers then they teach the peace in letting yourself express in whatever way one wishes and bring out the best every time.

If bloggers are warriors then they tell you how to master the craft of fighting the odds, dilemmas and glitches life throws at you and come back fighting stronger for more.

If bloggers are messengers then they bring the message of searching the hidden peace within yourself and let everyone share once you’ve found it.




You become very busy with your blog….and then you become too busy for your blog. This is an inevitable thing.

So, take care of your blog as best as you can….as long as you can.

It will always love you and wait for you to come back. 

Happy Blogging





Letter To A Blogger

September 27, 2012 32 comments


(I am currently in a situation where I can’t go through all the posts being written by my fellow bloggers. I know its my loss !! 

So, if you are reading this, please know what you mean to me even if I may not be dropping in your inbox too often.)


Dear Blogger,


You sit everyday with your heart on the table. Recollecting the grains of time to weave words of honesty. Cherishing perfect emotions, you create magical verses.


Living a life of showering hope, you share more than a life with everyone. Understanding the unknown, being in rhyme with the unspoken. Humble hugs of gratitude. Tender touch of adorable being.


In heartaches and heartbreaks, you write about the power of love. When denied what you deserved, acknowledge the painful efforts. As darkest dilemmas preach, you bring back the might in prayers.


A perfect art is nourished in your definition of self and us. This attire of pious ink of yours knows a place for souls to rest. Bringing back the blood in hearts, a messenger of life you are. This silken bond realizes its strength for the perfect thinker you are.


“Thank You” for letting me be someone I am proud of….I have sincerely followed you and everything you meant in those beautiful blog posts of yours…and would always do….till its God’s own wish.


Happy Blogging




Spirituality Vs Blogging (Not A Heavy Stuff !!!)

August 5, 2012 25 comments

Spirituality  is a belief which enables a person to rise above the materialistic sense of his existence and helps him discover the real self or the real meaning of his life. It is ushering your thoughts and your deeds towards a path where you can find answers for your precarious dilemmas, generate a bundle of positivity and look beyond the reasoning of this mortal subsistence.

Just one question – why does a person has to know spirituality only after he feels too confused in life ? I mean why spirituality is tagged with some “journey” notion where you would find answers, whatever they are. I find it difficult to comprehend as to why there are so many questions related to your initiation into spirituality – who I am, what is my worth, why do I exist, why things happen, where is this going to end etc.

We as human beings are not perfect. But the spirit or the energy which is the core of our existence is just perfect. We get corrupted with our understanding of this world and the worldly tactics that are required to survive.

The beginning is always from 100% for us – emotionally, factually and conscience wise. This percentage keeps on deteriorating as we gain our consciousness about the efforts required to live and live meaningfully. Spirituality is not just a tool to understand the universe and the emotions, but it is realizing that the power of spirituality is what we are born with. It is embedded in our cell structure. Still, we end up requiring a certain “spiritual guide” to help us understand it.

Blogging is one of the best canvases on which the meanings of spirituality could be effectively portrayed. I know, many of you wonderful bloggers have already found this one out ! (So, why not just help me defining it a little bit better !!)

Certain phases of blogging and their respective sense in accordance with spirituality could be seen as :

1.            The Thinking Phase :          This is like pushing yourself, cautiously or vigorously, into a state of trance where you get this urge to personify your thoughts in ink. These thoughts need to be carefully blended as they reflect the conscience of the author. Like in spirituality, this stage will let you see inside your sensibility and power of the mind.

2.            The Writing Phase :          One of the most difficult part for any writer is to do justice with what he thinks by choosing the right set of words and rhymes. Whether a point wished to be conveyed was conveyed or not would rely solely on the sense you make out of your words. Like in spirituality, it depicts finding the correct meaning of your existence in this impatient world.

3.            The Completion Phase :          I like to call this one the “self critique” phase. It happens so much with us that once a piece is complete; we end up inside a void. We feel that perhaps this is not as good as it was supposed to be. We would be concerned if it actually deserves an audience. Like in spirituality, there is this constant need to evolve to avoid being in a state of parallel or stalemate. One must respect his true self and grow beyond it.

For me, blogging has been both the apparatus and the medium required to know the power of the spirit that lies within. What we all bloggers are trying here is to work in our own spaces and times to create an aura of positivity and sincerely progress towards a better understanding of the human existence.

Our words are the doors that lead us into this magnificent world of harmony, respect and equality.

This is what spirituality is all about, isn’t it ! 


Pretentious Spotlessness

June 29, 2012 17 comments

Please allow me to introduce myself.

I am a blogger who seeks the self within

in an ensemble of humble emotions,

in the realities and the pretentions, akin.

 I sing of the rain when the earth is dry

and bring the fragrance of the wet soil.

I talk of the efforts when close to quitting.

I summon the power wrapped in the golden toil.

Creating an aura in codicil to the truth

I present a world of charming verses.

Austerity in the reflection, yet soothingly I paint

with colors of hope as our heart converses.

In your polite presence I seek completion.

I shower gratitude to the divine soul in thee.

Sometimes it is about you, as ardently

I chase a dream to be the ME I want to be.

As I Follow You ( Confessions Of Your Follower )

June 1, 2012 34 comments


An apprentice

in the world of fragrant verses

and nourishing thoughts.

I wandered with a sting

of a mystifying drought.


Interpreting the conclusion

or to just look in awe

with your words around.

I felt content and nobility

in my juvenile astound.


You – diffidently aware

of the people dropping by

and cherishing the aglow.

I – with a diminutive significance

still craved to FOLLOW.


In the ensemble of

your soul defining maxims

and gutsy veracities.

Admiring the courage you found

in the poignant audacities.


Every morsel of pain and glee

that you renewed into a hymn

of your precious opus.

I stood by your magical aura

as your lexis fused us.



is life unprecedented

in these frenzied belongings.

The chimes of your spotlessness and splendor

creating the soul of my longings.


As you write

with your burning desire

and words of intimate obsessions.

I promise to FOLLOW and leave my soul

In your paradise – In your creations.