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Love Won’t Let Us Give Up

August 12, 2013 12 comments


Chasing smeared promises

of an armistice in this commotion

I fought blankness in my words

and the ease in giving up crept inside, somehow.


Living on a boat, stuck in a frozen lake.

Conversing with the emptiness in my ears.

I saw mammoth towers of strength sink quietly.

I saw power of existence give way to reality.


Still, there was a willingness in my dreams

and a last leaf of hope you had given me once.

Holding on to the doors of a personal connotation

was this last verse, waiting,  for me to still write.


Yes, I believed in the “me” you once told me about.      

I remembered when you said

that if there would ever be a forever,

you and I would be still in love.


So, I jumped into this tomblike dark space

and brought the fight to the moments of despair.

They wounded me with their blessed corruptness

and I choked the last bit of air out of them.


Then you came and carried away

my scarred cradle of skin in your prayers.

When I thought it was all done

and the senses of my clock were half seized.

I woke up in your arms.

I woke up at home.




Alive – Angels Happen

June 10, 2013 16 comments

When you have good things happening in life around you, you don’t really seek for explanations. Everything seems just and adequately comfortable.

I had not known Sandra for long. It was exactly a year ago when we first met. She was just seventeen then and nothing different from an average teenager.

She had plans in life. Plans to travel. Plans to paint a masterpiece. Plans to publish a book of her poems. She had plans to keep her focused towards loving her life as much as she could.

I had a tumor inside my brain for seven years before I found it out when I fainted on the escalator that evening three years ago. Three times, I got it operated but it came back again every time. It was like a destiny waiting to happen. Soon, I started losing my sight and within a year, I was technically blind.

Six months ago, after I got operated for the fifth time, I received a call from Sandra’s father. Something I never expected happened that evening.

Sandra was in the same cancer ward with me. Her blood cancer was detected in the incurable stage. For a seventeen year old, she never seemed begging for any moment of life. She was life.

Before Sandra lost her battle with her destiny, she donated her eyes to me. This was her last wish. This was her last plan.

My tumor never returned after I started seeing the world again with her eyes. She was the explanation for my life. She was the life.

Yes, I have seen angels. They are not the ones who do miracles. They are the ones who teach you to live another day.

(This short story was written to celebrate the lives of those beautiful people who donate their body parts for letting someone live again.
Also, this story is about the courage of the people who fight cancer with all the support of their family members.)   

No Love Without My Soul

April 20, 2013 13 comments


As the cold winter night approached, the gruesome battle between the two armies came to an end. Battered bodies of hundreds of soldiers lying everywhere. Some still breathing and some long dead.


A young soldier – badly wounded and profusely bleeding was searching for something in his torn pockets with his broken hand. He took out a small silver bracelet with two little hearts – one blue and one pink – from his bullet ridden uniform.


The bracelet was given to him by his wife whom he had married just three months back before the war broke up. The young soldier kissed the bracelet and remembered her beautiful face. He was sad that perhaps he would never see her again.


Just then an angel appeared in front of him. The angel asked the young soldier, “You fought bravely as you had sworn. But you promised someone to come back too. How are you going to keep your promise now?”


The young soldier had no answer.


“I will give you a new life. You can go back to your wife and have a life you had promised her. But I need to take your soul with me. Your body and life would be spared. Do you want this, O! young soldier.”


“What would I do with a life without the only thing that completes my love, “replied the soldier. “I have loved my wife with my soul only.”


….and the young soldier closed his eyes…in peace…and still in love.


…here in my prison

March 10, 2013 8 comments


With my soul in my arms

walking miles to taste some fire

I don’t kill someone’s dreams

I just pray and aspire









Can’t be no remorse, no way

Avid love made together

Allies don’t stab on the back

Foes and demons stay closer








No numbness in being dead

I labour day and night

No angels to guide me

No sins – I’m all just right








Here in my prison

Feels better than the heaven