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Love Won’t Let Us Give Up

August 12, 2013 12 comments


Chasing smeared promises

of an armistice in this commotion

I fought blankness in my words

and the ease in giving up crept inside, somehow.


Living on a boat, stuck in a frozen lake.

Conversing with the emptiness in my ears.

I saw mammoth towers of strength sink quietly.

I saw power of existence give way to reality.


Still, there was a willingness in my dreams

and a last leaf of hope you had given me once.

Holding on to the doors of a personal connotation

was this last verse, waiting,  for me to still write.


Yes, I believed in the “me” you once told me about.      

I remembered when you said

that if there would ever be a forever,

you and I would be still in love.


So, I jumped into this tomblike dark space

and brought the fight to the moments of despair.

They wounded me with their blessed corruptness

and I choked the last bit of air out of them.


Then you came and carried away

my scarred cradle of skin in your prayers.

When I thought it was all done

and the senses of my clock were half seized.

I woke up in your arms.

I woke up at home.




They Know ME By A Name

July 10, 2013 9 comments


They talk about me

after they have torn my heart

and set it ablaze.

Yes, I am the humanity

you find butchered on the streets


They painted pictures of me

and cried in prayers

as they celebrated faith.

Yes, I am the God

you kill in the name of.


They wrote songs on me

as I was penultimate treasure

for defining the existence of all.

Yes, I am the peace

you trade for the glitter in your pockets.


They know me by a name.

A name not known to me.



My Part Of Sunshine

December 21, 2012 15 comments


A drained mind
Engulfed with so dark
Besides me, a fabled hope limps

Once again, here I am
Trying to fly
With my broken butterfly wings

To lead my soul
With a broken spirit
The heart still says – all would be fine

Days come and go
With some light so bright
But where is my part of sunshine

So many, so soon
Broken pieces
As dreams give away their face

How far should I
Let this pain carry me
This heart aches with its pace

They say
Don’t lose faith
And I still hold mine closer

Shattered, it is
Known and dead
Hoping my God acts fairer


A Lady At Her Best

December 6, 2012 25 comments


As most of you would be knowing that I am a father of two beautiful, bubbling and graceful daughters !

My younger one celebrates her first birthday on 7th Dec 2012 !

Her name is “Linysha” which means “intelligent”.

…and because I am not going to be there when she cuts her first of many cakes, I thought what’s better than leaving few words for her to come back to when she grows up !


Happy Birthday Linysha…Daddy loves you !



I took a page out of the future

and some glittering ink of heart.

Wrote a prayer after a long time.

I know it’s never too late to start.


Souls get touched and blessed

when simplest smiles are garnered.

Within these wonderful companionships

seeds of true bliss are nurtured.


We found a meaning so profound

in your steps of glee and serenity.

A bond of care draped in trust.

A bond of trust draped in prosperity.


Carved and adorned things would be.

Life would begin and never rest.

Follow your heart and the power of faith.

Pray, respect and be a lady at her best.



 100_1397 - Copy


November 12, 2012 27 comments


“As bloggers, we don’t seek to preach. 

But when we find a meaning – we cherish it by sharing.”



Accepting intently,

the pungent tang of

just being an ordinary man,

I found my simplicity.


Believing unperturbedly,

that I would fail

just too very often,

I found a reason to succeed.


Watching anonymously,

the hate these wants

instill in our conscience.

I found signs to let go.


Every night,

after letting my unconvinced aspirations

go to sleep,

I found myself.





Those Days…

October 28, 2012 32 comments

Some days just don’t feel so perfect.

I decide to greet everyone with a smile.


Some days the words won’t just rhyme.

I decide to let the silence sing.


Some days the hunger won’t just be satisfied.

I decide to share my bread and wine.


Some days it would feel so lonely.

I decide to know myself a bit better.


Some days nobody would seem to care.

I decide to appreciate the love within.


Some days it would be difficult to hold on.

I decide to let a tear or two wash me pure.


Some days it would seem so unjust.

I decide to pray with a little more heart.

Aye Aye Soldier

July 10, 2012 21 comments


With bare feet embracing the soul of the earth,

I have walked miles with just a memory of you besides.

I have slept under the twinkling blanket of distant trinkets,

in lonesome search of the homebound tides.









Engulfed in the sustenance of unprecedented courage.

Anonymously, I have sought the chalice of eternal glory.

Credentials of providence walking amongst the mirages,

I have followed the hymn of your breath in times too shadowy.








Abstinent companions lost, as I ushered my pieces ahead

honouring my oath and the ordained serenity at stake.

The wish to be back with my soul in your arms, one last time,

would bind me complete, how often I may break.

I am a soldier – I resurrect the power of being righteous.

Namelessly, my will would weave the soft strands of your smile.

You may never get to know who I was, in your life, Gabriel.

Just remember that for you – I blissfully walked the last mile.