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Love Won’t Let Us Give Up

August 12, 2013 12 comments


Chasing smeared promises

of an armistice in this commotion

I fought blankness in my words

and the ease in giving up crept inside, somehow.


Living on a boat, stuck in a frozen lake.

Conversing with the emptiness in my ears.

I saw mammoth towers of strength sink quietly.

I saw power of existence give way to reality.


Still, there was a willingness in my dreams

and a last leaf of hope you had given me once.

Holding on to the doors of a personal connotation

was this last verse, waiting,  for me to still write.


Yes, I believed in the “me” you once told me about.      

I remembered when you said

that if there would ever be a forever,

you and I would be still in love.


So, I jumped into this tomblike dark space

and brought the fight to the moments of despair.

They wounded me with their blessed corruptness

and I choked the last bit of air out of them.


Then you came and carried away

my scarred cradle of skin in your prayers.

When I thought it was all done

and the senses of my clock were half seized.

I woke up in your arms.

I woke up at home.




A Lady At Her Best

December 6, 2012 25 comments


As most of you would be knowing that I am a father of two beautiful, bubbling and graceful daughters !

My younger one celebrates her first birthday on 7th Dec 2012 !

Her name is “Linysha” which means “intelligent”.

…and because I am not going to be there when she cuts her first of many cakes, I thought what’s better than leaving few words for her to come back to when she grows up !


Happy Birthday Linysha…Daddy loves you !



I took a page out of the future

and some glittering ink of heart.

Wrote a prayer after a long time.

I know it’s never too late to start.


Souls get touched and blessed

when simplest smiles are garnered.

Within these wonderful companionships

seeds of true bliss are nurtured.


We found a meaning so profound

in your steps of glee and serenity.

A bond of care draped in trust.

A bond of trust draped in prosperity.


Carved and adorned things would be.

Life would begin and never rest.

Follow your heart and the power of faith.

Pray, respect and be a lady at her best.



 100_1397 - Copy

I See Me

September 17, 2012 30 comments


Draw me a smile

that won’t easily fade.

Paint me a skin, which

I don’t have to trade.


Grant me a wish

of a moment of worth.

See, so many like I am,

of wounds there is no dearth.


I’ve been in your songs of broken will.

Demeaned images every night I’ve to kill.

Give a song of hope in a serene lullaby.

To rise stronger everyday, I would surely try.


Give me a light

to make the shadows flee.

Bestow me a meaning

I will call it just me.




Bless Me A Dream

September 1, 2012 34 comments

Everyone has a prayer.

This is mine.

Bless me a dream

which I don’t have to buy.


Give me a hope

that quickly doesn’t fade away.


Sing me a prayer

in times of difficult choices.


Show me a path

when everything else is imprecise.


Draw me a God

when I need to hold on.


Usher me a life

that would be worth my love.


Educated Conscience

August 13, 2012 36 comments

For my beautiful daughters Noelle and Linysha.

We would surely try to make the world a better place as you grow up gracefully.


There is a wish in my heart

I’ve kept pure for you.

Words of just and unbiased being.

Godly sense of simply being true.

I’ll paint a world with enduring colours

and draw blossoming prairies of love.

Guiding grains of sands below your feet.

Sunshine of faith and hope from above.

Educated conscience to deal with life.

Ardent morals to bring peace within.

In a race towards the indistinct glory.

You would know truth and dreams akin.


Flawed Patience – Gagged Prayers

July 31, 2012 17 comments


There are an estimated 100 million people worldwide who live homeless.

The reasons behind homelessness could be poverty, unemployment, war, disability, substance abuse, domestic violence or mental health to name a few.

These homeless people suffer from violence, abuse, reduced access to healthcare and discrimination.

They may not sound anything of our concern.

The truth is – they are human beings and the causes for their condition are something which would slowly cripple our society and progress.

Perhaps, knowing would initiate the change.





Wearing shadows of broken hope and despair.

I am not a walking ghost you see on the road.

Begging for my diminutive worth before it all ends.

Watching feebly as heed and concern corrode.










Injuries sustained, felt to the core of morals.

Flawed patience determining the silent outburst.

There seems to be no God looking upon us.

Prayers are gagged between hunger and thirst.











Sparkling evil in deeds and needs of people around.

This crowd of immaculate dreamers fails to see.

I have my tribulations penetrating my soul so bad.

One loaf of bread squeezes the sensibility out of me.









These things of amputating power – eating the heart.

Prejudice in confessing the truth of own image.

I am the reality that speaks in-between your success.

Just save this gifted world from the inevitable carnage.