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Knowing Thyself

January 11, 2012 5 comments

Do I know myself?

I always had these feeling of an alien mind in a burdened head, full of dreams of accomplishing something which would bring worth to my existence. The problem which comes complimentary which such a mindset is that you seem to un-gracefully manage to close your eyes to what you have already got. The social structure today is built in such a manner that most of the time you keep on bumping into people who end up being your competition. If you are a “killer” you would end up hunting down these minions. But if you are like most of us, you would end up saving money from the taxi fare and waiting for the 8pm local – even if your office gets over at 6pm!

The days would pass and the perplexity would breed with full backup of misery.

Is this the result of me being born under the influence of a certain alignment of stars? Sounds HEAVY. Perhaps, I am supposed to live the life of a survivor like this? That’s SUBMISSION. May be, God has planned something better in this for me? He can’t HATE ANYONE, obviously!

Or, may be, it’s about the choices I make? BINGO!

The problem lies not in being unknown or clueless. The predicament lies in being unable to appreciate a cause as being good enough to give you a problem.

See, the problem would always come with a set of reasons. If you feel that a certain one has got no raison d’être, then you are missing the big picture. And once you are in comfort with the reasons, you just need to pick one at a time and formulate the correct choices and select the best one.

So, do I know myself?

Well, the fun lies in surprising yourself everyday by what you can do!


The Itinerary of The Beginning

January 11, 2012 8 comments

It is always hard to begin – because we keep on looking for the perfect start.

I don’t remember being perfect when we met for the first time. I was too confused and clueless about what to be in front of you. Still, the only perfect thing I remember that evening was you. When I went back at my place and thought about being with you, all I could remember was looking into your eyes and searching for my soul in them. I thought I had everything planned and thought upon in life. After meeting you, I appreciated the fact that I had been as lost as anyone could be.

Since that evening you have been the anchor around which I have hung around when the winds were heavy. I know I am good with words, but I never tried to describe what you mean to me. I know I would fail miserably because I know I do not have the words which could be as pure and as humble as you are. There are no set of alphabets put together which could make a sentence even close to rhyming the impeccability of your name. There are not enough canvases out there on which I could even begin with if I had to draw you smile. There are not enough symphonies which could hymn the way your heart beats.

The day it all began was mesmerizing and evermore closer to the discovery of life for us.

The day it all began – was just perfect.

Words Of Prélude

January 6, 2012 6 comments

It is not easy to make someone read what you’d write. Reason ? A writer needs to make the reader believe in what he has inked. See, the “going through” part may be good enough for someone to click on your website or take a look at your book or article. But for the reader to respect every word of your artifact the writer requires, in less than a minute or even 30 seconds, maybe, to build a connection with the aficionado and make him judge that the passion and sentiments are a cent percent unadulterated and natural.

On the other hand, a reader is more, I would say, a term describing a “state of mind” rather than a person. Not all of us are bestowed upon with this drive of reading the thoughts of a certain Mr. Someone with a granted sense of understanding, interpretation and admiration. It is the connection that the admirer or critique is able to institute (or not) which allows them to feel real between the words.

Every good writer would not be read for sure, every famous book would not have been written by a good writer, every writer won’t live or die a celebrity, but every celebrity’s book would get into “The List”.

I hope to achieve the aim of presenting the emotions behind my words, without any wines or sizzlers, in the most authentic and uncomplicated manner possible.

I have my idols and bookmarks. But above all, I have faith in you.

…and remember…these are Just Spoken Thoughts.