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Her Slow Demise

November 28, 2012 8 comments

A shame known as “marital rape” happens around us. This is the evil of domestic violence our society so very calmly lives with. 

Please speak up against it. 

She woke up this morning again
Assembling her tormented body
Seeking respect that lay battered
Her meaning simply meant shoddy


Watching her slow demise in front
Standing next to the broken mirror
She dyed her scars with fake normalcy
Bleeding life, once knew some fervor


There weren’t any questions she had
She waited for no explanations either
Wearing a mask over pilling atrocities
Perhaps, even left wishing for a breather


A cloak of numbness and unjust burgeoning
Swallowing her, as she ceased to defy
This is her story and she dies near you
Devouring herself, for him to pacify




November 12, 2012 27 comments


“As bloggers, we don’t seek to preach. 

But when we find a meaning – we cherish it by sharing.”



Accepting intently,

the pungent tang of

just being an ordinary man,

I found my simplicity.


Believing unperturbedly,

that I would fail

just too very often,

I found a reason to succeed.


Watching anonymously,

the hate these wants

instill in our conscience.

I found signs to let go.


Every night,

after letting my unconvinced aspirations

go to sleep,

I found myself.





Love Just Never Finishes

November 5, 2012 15 comments


This one is again for my daughters to read in the future !


Precautious moments of penury
possessed in our daily deeds.
Lost smiles, in efforts to accomplish.
Amputating dreams – as they bleed.


Bewildered steps towards eminence
create a hollow whole of jest.
And we speak of wealthy senses,
as we cheat ourselves of our own best.


Pause for a while, taste the sunshine.
Let the drizzle feel your desires.
The empty coffee cups won’t blossom.
It’s never an end that you aspire.


Don’t cripple this pious aptness in you.
Cherish the divergence in your wishes.
Your life would know you; and your love.
And love, with its might, just never finishes.