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May 22, 2016 Leave a comment

No memories can glorify the ache of being away,
unnervingly slithering towards the feel of being forgotten.
Name unfamiliar, thoughts unwanted, prayers unsure.
Some dreams bleeding profusely – some breaths cut shortened

Crowded, depleted and muddled intentions of beliefs,
drive past the lane of spurious efforts for an applause.
Those who had once euphoric willingness to glow in desires,
paint blanks & see hollow – still numb at demise of their cause. 

The mine that still belongs to me – speaks with a muted gut 
and walks amongst the shadows, away from any touch of significance.
This is a world he had built with stones of pious grief.
The same world which buried him with no repentance.       

Beneath this dark unbecoming of a villain for self that I’ve become
the plea for a platter of innocent dreams and untainted acts, yearns.
Holding on to the last silhouettes of a childish inquisitiveness,
I decide to shred my present – letting the spark breathe and burn.  

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